... tourism is not just business.

It is a mission to promote friendship,
a smile to welcome new friends to a home far from home.


Italy ... why ?!

"Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life."

-- Anna Akhmatova --

The Difference Travel Int’l is a boutique lifestyle management business, established as incoming tour operator in 1994 in Rome, by a passionate team of travel professionals, who had combined their experiences, ideas and knowledge of tourism industry.

We have maintained a steady presence in the world market for more than 20 years, constantly improving the level of our services and always trying to introduce new products and fresh ideas.

Italy is our first passion, and Greece our second one !

With our network of reliable partners and our deep knowledge of Italy & Greece, we can provide upscale luxury customized tour planning in both countries, for individuals and groups.

We offer all our clients a very personalized hospitable service because we consider them our friends. We believe in this profoundly.

Cinthia Gambrioli is the CEO and Owner of the company. She has been travelling internationally since 1979 embracing travel as a lifestyle. She is widely known for her love for spreadsheets and special interest tours, organizing the lives of everyday people, solid recommendations and jet setting all over the world. Travel is in her DNA.

Stop selling, start helping is Cinthia's motto.

We look forward to start helping you and your guests soon ...

Vi aspettiamo !


From Laurie .... May 2013


Fun to hear from you!

I would also like to talk to you at some point about anyone who you might know who would do the same thing that you did for us for the trip to Italy in 2013 but in Greece in 2016, to follow the journeys of Paul.
I would like to find a land operator that has the same kind of personal touch and hospitable DNA that you have!
If you know of anyone, I would surely appreciate the information and maybe even an introduction!

Let me know if you can help me!

Blessings, Cinthia!

From Kiril .... January 2015

Dear Mrs Cinthia,

We are all safely back home now, and I would like to thank you for your work on our travel through Italy and for the effort you put in organizing this for us on the ground and for keeping me updated with the last minute' arrangements. We had a great trip, all worked perfectly (and the weather too, was with us). My impression is that the students were quite content and that is great for I will be able to work on promoting next year's program.

Thank you again. Later this week I will clear with our administration permission for next year and will send you the dates for the trip so we can start working on it.

Best regards and wishes for a successful new 2015!

Yours, Kiril

From Lilach & Jerry November 2014

Dear Cinthia,

Shalom from Jerusalem! I want to share with you the great letter we received from Jerry and his friends who just returned from their trip in Italy. Hopefully next year we can convince him to bring his group to Italy… We will work on that.

Thank you so much for putting everything together and for executing it so beautifully, as you always do. You are truly the best!

Warm hugs,


Dear Lilach,

Thank you for all you did to make our Italy trip so wonderful. Sue and I returned from Italy almost two weeks ago and the memories are still very fresh in our minds of Venice, Florence, Pisa and Tuscany. The itinerary that you put together was fabulous. Each stop was a special surprise with warm people greeting us. The guides were well informed, very interesting and personal.

Please pass along our gratitude to your contacts in Italy.

Everything including the 11 days of sunshine while we were there made our journey the best we have every experienced in Europe.

Pastor Jerry