The Difference Travel Int'l


The Difference Travel Int’l is a boutique lifestyle management business, established as incoming tour operator in 1994 in Rome, by a passionate team of travel professionals, who had combined their experiences, ideas and knowledge of tourism industry.

We have maintained a steady presence in the world market for more than 30 years, constantly improving the level of our services and always trying to introduce new products and fresh ideas.

With our network of reliable partners and our deep knowledge of Italy, we provide upscale luxury customized tour planning, for individuals and groups.

We offer all our clients a very personalized hospitable service, before, during and after each trip.

Cinthia Gambrioli is the CEO and Owner of the company. With over 40 years of experience in tour planning throughout Italy, Cinthia transforms dreams into unforgettable tours. Strategic planner, detail-oriented, and fluent in 3 languages, her goal is to exceed expectations by crafting magical moments and bringing love stories for Italy to life. Passionate about itineraries, she designs with meticulous care multiform paths through art, nature and local culture.

We take advantage of this space to say thank you to all our partners in the world, especially in the United States, supporting and promoting customized tours to Italy through us, believing in the value of The Difference Travel Int’l, in the value of our work, our contents, our personality, our endless love for our native country : Italy !