... tourism is not just business.

It is a mission to promote friendship,
a smile to welcome new friends to a home far from home.



With its natural beauties and its storehouse of art treasures this long narrow peninsula called Italy and nicknamed "the boot" has become a goal for the travellers from all over the world.

Dear Travel Partners in the world,

Ciao from Rome, Italy!

Planning a customized trip to Italy can be a large task, even for a travel agent. There is so much information available on line, there is so much to visit in our awesome country !

If you are tired of searching multiple websites, if you are having difficulty in accessing detailed information on a location, if you want your clients to arrive here as tourists and leave as locals … book your next clients to Italy with The Difference Travel Int’l !

Let us design the most appropriate itinerary for your clients, simply tell us the number of people wishing to travel, if they are first time visitors or not, the main purpose of their trip ... leisure ... business ... art ... a special occasion such as a wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, birthday or family reunion ... share your client's interests, style and budget with us.

We seek authenticity, we craft outstanding travel experiences, we strive to be The Difference, since 1994.

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Cinthia Gambrioli

Owner & Voyage Designer

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